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162CPT620, 162CPT, Turbine Oil Pressure, Temperature Indicator
162CPT620, 162CPT, Turbine Oil Pressure, Temperature Indicator

DFWAirparts is your source for used and new, nos Aircraft Parts, Avionics, Instruments, Engine Parts, Tools, Manuals, Hardware, Aircraft Upholstery material, Pilot Supplies, etc., etc.!!

Our inventory includes all types of parts, instruments, avionics PLUS much more from:

  • General Aviation Aircraft (Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee, Beech Bonanza, etc.)
  • Classic Aviation Aircraft (Piper Cub, Aeronca, Aircoupe, etc.)
  • Corporate & Business Aircraft (Learjet, Gulfstream, Beech Jet, etc.)
  • Recip Engines (Lycoming, Continental, etc.)
  • Radial Engines (Pratt & Whitney, Curtiss-Wright, etc.)
  • Turbine Engines (PT6, Allison 250, JT8D, etc.)
  • Some Military Aircraft (WWII Warbirds, Korean / Vietnam War Jets)
  • Aviation Memorabilia and Aircraft Collectibles from all times and Aircraft

We have 1000s of aircraft parts that will be available on our website in the months to follow, so please check back again soon!!

"Everything Aviation!!!"

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