Recip Engine

Reciprocating Aircraft engine parts for Continental, Lycoming, Franklin and more.

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M1460, M-1460, Slick 6 cylinder Aircraft Magneto Ignition Harness

Slick 6 cylinder Aircraft Magneto Ignition Harness. Lead P/N M1460 or M-1460. Leads m..


M4004, M-4004, Slick 4270 / 4370 Magneto Ignition Harness for Lycoming Engines

Slick 4270 / 4370 series 4 cylinder Aircraft Magneto Ignition Harness as shown on photos,&..


02305414,, Jacobs Aircraft Engine Exhaust Valve

Jacobs Aircraft Engine NEW Exhaust Valve, (1953 manufacture date). P/N 02305414. It is still in..


0341JM, M922, Aircraft Magneto Washer

New / nos Aircraft Magneto Washer. P/N 0341JM or M922...


07A22447,, Lycoming Aircraft Alternator Bracket

Lycoming Aircraft Alternator Bracket  as shown on photo. P/N 07A22447. It was removed from..


07F19879,, Lycoming Aircraft Alternator Bracket / Link

Lycoming Aircraft Alternator Bracket / Link. P/N 07F19879. It was removed from a salvage aircra..


08-00050, 0800050, Aircraft Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield

New, nos, Aircraft Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield. P/N 08-00050. It fits exhaust pipes up to 2 1/2" in di..


1 7/8" Piper Aircraft Exhaust Clamp

1 7/8" Piper Aircraft Exhaust Clamp. P/N unknown. It was removed from a salvage aircraft. ..


10-163011, 629498, Bendix Magneto Harness Ferrule / Bushing

New / nos, Bendix Aircraft Magneto Harness Ferrule / Bushing. P/N 10-163011 or 629498. Alternate P/..


10-163012, 10-51677, Bendix Magneto Ignition Harness Lead Eyelet

New, nos, Bendix aircraft Magneto Ignition Harness Lead Eyelet. P/N 10-163012 or 10-51677 or A1485...


10-163374, AB-163374, New Bendix Aircraft Magneto Felt Strip

New, nos, Bendix Aircraft Magneto Felt Strip. P/N 10-163374 or AB-163374 or 10163374...


10-176485-242, 10-176485-242B, Bendix Aircraft Starting Vibrator

24V, 2A Bendix Aircraft Starting Vibrator. P/N 10-176485-242 or 10-176485-242B. 24VDC. Used wit..


10-320313, 10320313, Bendix Aircraft Magneto Lead Sleeve

New, nos, Bendix Aircraft Magneto Lead Sleeve. P/N 10-320313...


10-320317, 10320317, Bendix Magneto Ignition Harness Nut

New, nos, Bendix Aircraft Magneto Ignition Harness Nut. P/N 10-320317. It is part of kit P/N 10-944..


10-320322, 10320322, Bendix Aircraft Magneto Lead Ferrule

New, nos, Bendix Aircraft Magneto Lead Ferrule. P/N 10-320322...