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We carry Aircraft Supplies, oil filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, cleaning supplies and much more.

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Aircraft Tie Down Cargo Straps

Aircraft Tie Down Cargo Straps as shown on photo. They are universal type, 24" long, 1/16" thick and..


BA-2605L, BA2605L, Brackett Filter Element for Filter BA-2610L

Nos, Brackett Filter Element for Filter BA-2610L. P/N BA-2605L or BA2605L. Eligible for installation..


BA5110A, BA-5110A, Brackett Air Filter Assembly

Brackett Air Filter Assembly. P/N BA5110A or BA-5110A. Replaces P/N C294510-0301 or 12615. Filter wa..


BJ1000ASI, 49F9798-52, Antique Aircraft Quick Fuel Drain Valve

Nos, Antique Aircraft Quick Fuel Drain Valve. P/N BJ1000ASI or 49F9798-52. Alternate P/Ns 10607785-1..


Homebuilt Aircraft Logbook, 8 by 6

EAA / Homebuilt Aircraft Logbook, 8" by 6", yellow color cover. Logbook is new / unused but it was ..


Lot of Cessna, Piper, Beech Aircraft Phenolic Pulleys

Lot of 6ea Aircraft Phenolic Pulleys.Lot consists off:2ea, Outside Diameter 3 1/2", Thickness 3/8", ..


LR1-16-991CC, LR1/16/991/CC, Aircraft Scat Hose / Tubing

Nos Aircraft Scat  Hose / Scat Tubing type hose as shown on photo. It measures 38” long. 5/8” i..


Ratchet type Aircraft Tie Down Cargo Strap

Ratchet type Aircraft Tie Down Cargo Strap as shown on photo. 3000+ lbs weight capacity. Strap is da..


SA-2, SA2, Aircraft Logbook

Aircraft Logbook. P/N SA-2 or SA2. Logbook is new / unused but it was stored in open shelf, in unse..


Super Heavy 40.5 oz Aircraft Fiberglass Cloth

12"X 120" piece of Super Heavy Duty 40.5 oz per sq yd weight fiberglass cloth, (10 square feet). ..


Thermacon Single or Twin Engine Aircraft Windshield Sun Screen

New, nos, Single Engine / Light Twin Aircraft Thermacon Windshield Heat Shield / Sun Screen. It fits..


Vintage Cessna / Piper / Beech Aircraft Seat back Cover

Vintage Cessna / Piper Aircraft Seat back Cover as shown on photos. It is made out of vinyl, khaki c..