Other Warbird Instruments

Other Warbird Instruments

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AW2-3-4-16-BYF12, Vintage Warbird Aircraft Airspeed Indicator

3 1/8" Vintage Warbird Aircraft Airspeed Indicator. Manufactured by U.S. Gauge. P/N AW2-3/4-16-BYF12..


C70305, C-70305, Vintage Aircraft Speed Control Indicator

Vintage Aircraft Speed Control Indicator. Manufactured by Safe Flight Instrument Corp. P/N C70305 or..


EA100AN-70, EA100AN70, Water Quantity Indicator w Ovrhl tag

Vintage Warbird 2 1/4" Water Quantity Indicator with overhaul tag (1990). Manufactured by The Liqui..


SF 172 SV-M1, Smiths Aircraft Electric Tachometer Indicator

3 1/8" Aircraft Electric Tachometer Indicator. Manufactured by Smiths. P/N SF / 172 SV-M1. Indicator..


Vintage Warbird Aircraft Homing Indicator, DM-ED3-5 B

3 1/8" Vintage Warbird Homing Indicator. Manufactured by Dorne & Margolin. Type DM-ED3-5/B. Very cl..