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009-5202-00, 009520200, King Avionics Circuit Board

King Circuit Board. P/N 009-5202-00. Very clean item. Removed from salvage aircraft...


032105, MD28B5, Avionics Cooling Fan

28VDC Avionics Cooling Fan. Model MD28B5. P/N 032105. Alternate P/Ns 9G1224A4M03, 6318574-200. It w..


035338, 2651601, C2123-1 Avionics Cooling Fan

Challenger CL-600 / 601 / 604 Avionics Cooling Fan. Manufactured by EG&G Rotron. P/N 035338 or 2651..


037A-88232-701, 037A-88234, Mitsubishi MU-2 EL Lightplate Panel

Mitsubishi MU-2 Aircraft Anti-Ice EL Lightplate Panel. P/N 037A-88232-701 or 037A-88234. It was rem..


051162-03, F5142AMD-DED02, Dassault Falcon 50 Mach Trim Box

Falcon 50 Mach Trim Box. Model (?) F5142AMD-DED02. P/N P/N 051162-03. Working unit removed for avio..


0570425-3, 05704253, Cessna Aircraft Marker Beacon Lights

Cessna Aircraft 12V Marker Beacon Lights Assembly. P/N 0570425-3. Removed from salvage aircraft...


065-0003-00, MG113E1, King Autopilot Pitch Servo Actuator Assy

King Autopilot Pitch Servo Pneumatic Actuator Assembly. Type MG113E1. P/N 065-0003-00. NSN: 6615-00..


065-5005-18, KCP-320, King Flight Computer Adapter Circuit Board

King KCP-320 Flight Computer Adapter Circuit Board. P/N 065-5005-18. P/N 065-5005-18 R-9 is also sh..


066-4002-00-R06, 066400200, King KNC-610 Area Nav Computer RNAV

 King Area Nav Computer / RNAV. Model KNC-610. P/N 066-4002-00-R06. 28V. Removed from salvage aircr..


066-4004-00, KN-77, King Avionics VOR / LOC Converter

King KN-77 TSO VOR / LOC Converter. P/N 066-4004-00. It operates with both 14V and 28V electrical s..


071-0004-00, KA-43, King 2 X 5 Converter for KN-65 DME

King KA-43 2X5 Converter for KN-65 DME. P/N 071-0004-00. Very clean item. It was removed from a sal..


071-0004-00, King KA-43 Converter for KN-65 DME

King KA-43 2X5 Converter for KN-65 DME. P/N 071-0004-00. Very clean item. It was removed from a sal..


071-1035-02, KMT-110, Flux Gate Valve / Remote Compass Transmitr

Sperry Flux Gate Valve / Remote Compass Transmitter as shown on photos, (bottom of page also). Type..


071-2003-00, KAA-445, King Avionics Audio Receiver

King KAA-445 Audio System Receiver. P/N 071-2003-00. 28V. Condition, as removed...


071-4016-00, KAC-325, Nos King Avionics Install Tray

New / nos, King Avionics KAC-325 Install Tray. P/N 071-4016-00...