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4000764-3201, IN-132A, Bendix / King Weather Radar Display

Bendix / King IN-132A Weather Radar Indicator. P/N 4000764-3201. Visually it checks out ok and all ..


4001293-2401, Bendix CC-2024A Checklist Control Unit w Serv tag

Bendix CC-2024A Checklist Control Unit w/ Serviceable tag, (1995). P/N 4001293-2401...


4001595-2405, Bendix Aircraft Multi-Function Checklist Unit

Aircraft Multi-Function Checklist Unit. Manufactured by Bendix. Model CC-2024B. P/N 4001595-2405. K..


4018655-902, Sperry Tern 100 Area Navigation Cntrl Display Unit

Sperry Tern 100, (Terminal and En Route Navigation), Area Navigation Control Display Unit / CDU. P/N..


40200-0000, 402000000, Cessna Aircraft / ARC R-846A ADF Receiver

Cessna / ARC R-846A ADF Receiver. P/N 40200-0000. Very clean item. Removed for avionics upgrade...


4024698-1, 2247-1, Aircraft Accelerometer

Aircraft Accelerometer. Manufactured by Genisco. Model 2247-1. P/N 4024698-1. NSN: 6680-01-479-6633...


404A-25-S-T/DPXB/C-O, 260-404-1A-3A, Avionics Install Tray

NEW, nos, Aircraft Avionics Install Tray. P/N 404-A-25-S-T/DPXB-C-O or 260-404-1A-3A...


4071-2600,, Aircraft Weather Radar Wave Guide

Aircraft Weather Radar Wave Guide as shown on photo. P/N 4071-2600. It is 25"+ long. It measures 1 1..


41540-1028, Cessna Navomatic C-420A Autopilot Control Panel

Cessna Navomatic C-420A Autopilot Control Panel. P/N 41540-1028. Condition, as removed. Back of case..


41540-1128, C-420A, Navomatic Cessna Autopilot Control Panel

Navomatic C-420A Cessna Autopilot Control Panel. P/N 41540-1128. It was removed for avionics upgrade..


4158-11-B11, 415811, Aircraft Torquemeter Transmitter W/Ovhl tag

Instrument Torquemeter Transmitter with overhaul tag. Manufactured by Bendix. P/N 4158-11-B11. Exce..


41950-0000, Cessna ARC RA-446A Autopilot Receiver Accessory

Cessna ARC RA-446A Autopilot Receiver Accessory. P/N 41950-0000. It was removed for avionics upgrade..


41950-0000, RA-446A, Cessna ARC Autopilot Accessory Component

ARC / Cessna Autopilot Accessory Component. Model RA-446A. P/N 41950-0000. Case was dinged up some ..


42410-5128, 424105128, Cessna ARC R-402A Marker Beacon Receiver

ARC R-402A Marker Beacon Receiver. P/N 42410-5128. 28V. Very clean item. Removed from salvage aircr..