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455318AA-4, 455318-AA-4, Aircraft Airspeed Transducer Switch

Aircraft Airspeed Transducer Switch. Manufactured by Conrac Corp. P/N 455318AA-4 or 455318-AA-4. Re..


45831-00000, NEW!! ARC ADF Faceplate, EL Lightplate

NEW!! ARC ADF Faceplate / EL Lightplate. P/N 45831-00000...


464-9111-1, New Aircraft Avionics Printed Circuit Board

New, nos, Aircraft Avionics Printed Circuit Board. P/N 464-9111-1...


47240-0000, 472400000, ARC B-445A VOR LOC Converter w Serv tag

ARC 400 Series VOR/LOC Converter with serviceable tag (1986). Model B-445A. P/N 47240-0000. Very cl..


47240-0000, 472400000, Cessna ARC R-445A VOR LOC Converter

ARC 400 Series VOR/LOC Converter. Model B-445A. P/N 47240-0000. Very clean item. Removed for upgrad..


47500-0000, Cessna Aircraft ARC DV-1060A Dynaverter

Cessna / ARC DV-1060A Dynaverter. P/N 47500-0000. 28V. It was removed from a salvage aircraft...


48-00000, Chadwick Helicopter External Cargo Hook Weight Scale

Helicopter External Cargo Hook Weight Scale. Manufactured by Chadwick. P/N 48-00000. Capacity 5000 ..


48320-0000, Cessna, ARC YA-840A Autopilot Yaw Accessory

Cessna Aircraft / ARC YA-840A Autopilot Yaw Accessory. P/N 48320-0000. It was removed for avionics u..


500D0039, Beechcraft Annunciator Panel

Beechcraft Annunciator Panel. Manufactured by International Avionics Inc. P/N 500D0039. It was remov..


506-1025-003-3, 5061025-003-3, Collins Avionics Faceplate

New / nos Collins Avionics Faceplate. P/N 506-1025-003-3...


5184100-003, 1159SCAV404-3,Helicopter Avionics ILS Control Panel

Helicopter Avionics ILS Control Panel. Manufactured by SCI Technology Inc. P/N 5184100-003 or 1159S..


522-1619-004, 328A-2A, Collins Compass Amplifier w/ serv tag

Collins Avionics Compass Amplifier w/ serviceable tag, (operable when removed - 06/04). P/N 522-161..


522-1859-033, 339D-1, Aircraft DME Distance Indicator w/ 8130

Aircraft DME Distance Indicator w/ 8130. Manufactured by Collins. Model 339D-1. P/N 522-1859-033. N..


522-2457-00, Collins 714E-3 HF Control Panel

Collins 714E-3 HF Control Panel. P/N 522-2457-00. Removed from a salvage aircraft. Dataplate is miss..


522-2457-036, Collins 714E-3 Aircraft HF Control Panel

Collins 714E-3 Aircraft HF Control Panel. P/N 522-2457-036. Removed from a salvage aircraft...