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12710139-1, 7000 Loran-C, Loran Navigator Operation Manual

Aircraft 7000 Loran-C Navigator Operation Manual. P/N 12710139-1. It is used, in good condition. Up..


12710356A, 7000, Loran Pocket Reference Guide

Loran Model 7000 Pocket Reference Guide. P/N 12710356A. It is used, in good condition. Updated thru..


129-384017-1, 90-42232, Beechcraft Annunciator Control Panel

Beechcraft Annunciator Control Panel. P/N 129-384017-1 or 90-42232 or 129-364027-601. It was removed..


12C60, 4113, Solid State Aircraft Vibrator w/ Serv tag

Solid State Aircraft Vibrator w/ Serv tag, (1986). P/N 12C60 or 4113. Alternate P/Ns 2C60-1, 2500-4..


12V Aircraft Cigarette Lighter

12V Aircraft Cigarette Lighter as shown on photo. P/N unknown. It was removed from a salvage aircraf..


12V Aircraft Voltage Regulator

12V Aircraft Voltage Regulator as shown on photo, (no cover). P/N unknown. It was removed from a sa..


131, 131-Cable, Aircraft Cable Lanyard

New / nos, Aircraft Cable Lanyard. P/N 131 or 131-Cable. It is 5 ft long...


131542, AMS-3195, Beechcraft Sponge Rubber Extrusion

Nos Beechcraft Sponge Rubber Extrusion. P/N 131542 or AMS-3195. Cure date 4Q85...


133A17, 2H3-13, Airborne Aircraft Vacuum Regulator

Airborne Aircraft Vacuum Regulator / Manifold / Check Valve as shown on photo. P/N 133A17 or&nb..


13676-00, 452-009, Nos Piper Aircraft Turnbuckle Barrel

New / sos Piper Aircraft Turnbuckle Barrel. P/N 13676-00 or 452-009.  Alternate P/Ns  NAS649B-16S, ..


138-1, 1115831, Aircraft Voltage Regulator / Overvoltage Relay

Aircraft Voltage Regulator / Overvoltage Relay. P/N 138-1 or 1115831. Alternate P/Ns 50-380058-3, 4..


1429-1, 14291, Nos Avtech Battery Temperature Monitor

New / nos Battery Temperature Monitor. Manufactured by Avtech Corporation. P/N 1429-1...


14379,, Nos HF Aircraft Antenna Wire

Roll of 13.5 feet of new / nos HF Aircraft Antenna Wire as shown on photo. P/N 14379. ..


14577-001B, 14577-001-B, Cirrus SR-22 Analog Instrument Panel

Cirrus SR-22 Aircraft Analog Gauge Instrument Panel as shown on photos, (see close up photos). P/N ..


149145, AV24B1325C5, Whittaker Hydraulic Rotary Shut-Off Valve

Whittaker Controls Motor actuated Hydraulic Rotary Shut-Off Valve. Manufactured by Dynasciences Cor..