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1758440-001, Aircraft Clamp

Nos, Aircraft Clamp. P/N 1758440-001...


175B26, Ryan WX-7A, Stormscope Processor w/ tray and connector

Ryan WX-7A Stormscope Processor w/ tray & connector as shown on photos. P/N 175B26. Very clean i..


17766-108, 3591/2-4D0103, Aeroquip Hose Assembly

Nos Aeroquip Hose Assembly as shown on photo. P/N 17766-108 or 3591/2-4D0103. CD 4Q96. Hose has bee..


18-1030-2, 181030-2, Aircraft Inverter / Converter

Aircraft Inverter / Converter. Manufactured by S.E.L.A. Laboratories. P/N 18-1030-2. It was removed..


18-1672-2, 6620-179-1886, Aircraft Oil Pressure Indicator

2" Aircraft Oil Pressure Indicator. Manufactured by Courter, Inc. P/N 18-1672-2 or 6620-179-1886. I..


18630-0111-23, 1680-00-602-9327, Shoulder Harness Inertia Reel

WWII Warbird Aircraft Shoulder Harness Inertia Lock Reel as shown on photo. P/N 18630-0111-23. NSN:..


187-140, RES-R4522, Aircraft Engine Fireshield / Fire Shield

New / nos Aircraft Engine Fireshield / Fire Shield. P/N 187-140 or RES-R4522. It is 2 feet long...


19544-CSK-9-01714-502, 19544CSK-9-01714-502, Mounting Bracket

Aircraft Instrument Panel Radar Jammer Switch Control Panel Mounting Bracket. P/N 19544-CSK-9-01714..


19748, R24909, 2" Aircraft Instrument Mounting Clamp Ring

2" Aircraft Instrument Mounting Clamp Ring. P/N 19748 or R24909. Alternate P/Ns 256795, MSP64308, 6..


1978X, 6240-01-007-5214, Nos Aircraft Navigation Lamp / Bulb

New/ nos, Aircraft Navigation Incandescent Lamp / Bulb. Manufactured by Sylvania. P/N 1978X. NSN: 6..


199-A15610-123, 199A15610-123, Nos Airliner Threshold Plate

Nos, Airliner Threshold Plate. P/N 199-A15610-123. No traceability paperwork available. Only our co..


19ft of Aircraft Antenna Wire with BNC Connectors

19ft length of Aircraft Antenna Wire with BNC Connectors as shown on photo. It was removed from a s..


1B440, 1B-440, Edo-Aire Mitchell Century Autopilot Signal Filter

Edo-Aire Mitchell / Century Autopilot Signal Filter. P/N 1B440 or 1B-440. It was removed for avioni..


1C388M, 1C388-M, Edo-Aire Mitchell / Century Radio Coupler

Edo-Aire Mitchell / Century Autopilot Radio Coupler. P/N 1C388M or 1C388-M. It was removed for avio..


1D414-198R, 317A186, Mitchell / Century Autopilot Roll Servo

Mitchell / Century Autopilot Roll Servo. P/N 1D414-198R. Motor P/N 317A186. It was removed for avio..