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Transcal Altitude Blind Encoder, Reporter, D120-P2-T

Transcal Altitude / Blind Encoder, Reporter. Model D120-P2-T. It was removed from a salvage aircraft..


Transcal D120-P2-T Altitude Blind Encoder, Reporter

Transcal D120-P2-T. Altitude Blind Encoder / Reporter. Very clean item. It was removed from a salvag..


TTC-920G, 822-0078-005, TCAS Transponder Panel w Serv tag

Collins TCAS / Transponder Panel with Removed Serviceable tag. Model TTC-920G. P/N 822-0078-005...


Type DRG-1, DRG1, Aircraft Avionics, Remote Gonio

Remote Gonio. Type DRG-1. Unsure of types of aircraft it fits and the function it performs...


VIH-222, VIH222, Avionics Chime Controller Control Panel

Chime Controller / Control Panel. P/N VIH-222. Unsure of types of aircraft it fits and the function..


Vintage DARE DM-3 Marker Beacon Receiver

Vintage Marker Beacon Receiver. Manufactured by Dayton Aviation Radio Equipment. Model DM-3. Removed..


Wilcox Navigation Receiver w Serv tag, 97606-205

Wilcox Navigation System (with glideslope) receiver with serviceable tag (1981). Model 806A. P/N 976..


Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Cockpit Control Panel, 400-0117-005

Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Cockpit Control Panel. Model C-118B. P/N 400-0117-005. Very clean item. Remov..


Wulfsberg WH-18 FLITEFONE III Telephone w tag, 400-0030-1

Wulfsberg FLITEFONE III Aircraft Cabin Telephone Receiver w/ serviceable tag. Model WH-18. P/N 400-0..


Wulfsberg WH-6 FLITEFONE VI Telephone w Srv tag, 400-0122-102

Wulfsberg FLITEFONE VI Telephone w/ Serviceable tag. Model WH-6. P/N 400-0122-102 or 300-2286-002...