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Aircraft Nut, 2441009-1

Nos, Aircraft Nut. P/N 2441009-1. No certification...


Aircraft Phenolic Pulley

Aircraft Phenolic Pulley as shown on photo. P/N unknown. Outside diameter 1 3/4". Hole diameter 3/1..


Aircraft Tubing, Hose Swivel Elbow, CBP 226

Aircraft Tubing, Hose Swivel Elbow with 3/8" flare fitting on one end and 5/16" compression fitting ..


Aircraft Worm Clamp, Fuel Tank Strap, WWD622H

Aircraft Worm Clamp / Fuel Tank Strap. P/N WWD622H. It is 60" long when spread out open!!..


Aircraft Worm Clamp, WWD372

Aircraft Worm Clamp. P/N WWD372. It is 36" long when spread out open!!..


AN155-32S, AN161-32LL, AN161-32RS, Aircraft Turnbuckle Assembly

New, nos, Aircraft Turnbuckle Assembly as shown on photo. It includes Turnbuckle  Barrel P/N AN155-..


AN155-8S, Aircraft Turnbuckle Barrel

Aircraft Turnbuckle Barrel. P/N AN155-8S. NSN:5340-00-184-4449. It was removed from a salvage aircra..


AN161-16RS, MS21252-3RS, Aircraft Turnbuckle Fork End

Aircraft New Turnbuckle Fork End. P/N AN161-16RS or MS21252-3RS. Thread size10-32 Hole Diameter..


AN170-8LS, Aircraft Turnbuckle Cable Eye

Aircraft Turnbuckle Cable Eye. P/N AN170-8LS. NSN: 5306-00-292-5211. It was removed from a salvage a..


AN210-2A, S378-4, Aircraft Phenolic Pulley

Aircraft Phenolic Pulley. P/N S378-4 or AN210-2A. Alternate P/Ns S-378-4 , MS24566-4B, MS-24566-4B,..


AN227-7B, MS27980-6B, Aircraft Snap Fastener / Socket Style

New / nos, Aircraft Snap Fastener / Socket Style. P/N AN227-7B or MS27980-6B. Alternate P/Ns 5-4-14..


AN24-20A, 400-910, Aircraft Clevis Bolt

Nos Aircraft Clevis Bolt. P/N AN24-20A. Piper P/N 400-910 or 400 910 or 400910. NSN: 5306-00-156-22..