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 Aircraft bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, fittings, Nutplates, Rivnuts and much more

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404-887, MS21045-3, Nos Piper Aircraft Self Locking Nut

New / nos, Piper Aircraft Self Locking Hexagon Nut. P/N MS21045-3. Piper P/N 404-887 or 404 887. Al..


407-100, 407 100, Aircraft Lock Washer

Lot of 10ea new Aircraft Lock Washers. P/N 407-100 or 407 100. (Quantity of 1 buys 10 washers. Exam..


424-224, AN394-55, Piper Aircraft Clevis Pin

New / nos Piper Aircraft Clevis Pin. Piper P/N 424-224. Alternate P/Ns AN394-55 or MS20392-3C55...


4N37TXP3, 4N37-TXP3, Aircraft #4 X 3/8 Pan Head Screw

Nos, Aircraft #4 X 3/8 Pan Head stainless Screw. P/N 4N37TXP3 or 4N37-TXP3. If certification is need..


4S14-8-6, New Aircraft Turnlock Stud Fastener Assembly

New, nos, Aircraft Turnlock Stud Fastener Assembly as shown on photo. P/N 4S14-8-6. NSN: 5325-00-576..


5365-807-8154, W250, Aircraft Snap Ring

New, nos, Aircraft Snap Ring. P/N 5365-807-8154 or W250. Outside diameter 2 3/4". Thickness 1/16"...


558-791, 558 791, New Piper Aircraft Steel Elbow Fitting

New / nos, Piper Aircraft Steel Elbow Fitting. P/N 558-791 or 558 791 or 558791. Threaded section o..


6087D7, Aircraft Self-Locking Nut

Aircraft Self-Locking Nut. P/N 6087D7. Nos. Alternate P/Ns 27468T9B35P, 27474E16B35S, 32C6810FS. NS..


815WD19, JM44LC28WD19, Aircraft Adel Clamp

Nos Aircraft Adel Clamp. P/N 815WD19 or JM44LC28WD19. Alternate P/Ns  S663WDG19, ST9M588WD..


8X4075, 35-591, New Prestolite Aircraft Alternator Nut

New, nos, Prestolite Aircraft Alternator / Starter Nut. P/N 8X4075 or 35-591...


99-44, Aircraft Plug

Aircraft Plug. P/N 99-44. Nos. 9/16" wrench fits plug...


A-400-6, A400-6, New Aircraft Tube Nipple Fitting

New, nos, Aircraft Tube Nipple Fitting. P/N A-400-6 or A400-6. NSN: 4730-01-026-4824...


A3122-16-1J, NAS397-16, Aircraft Self-Locking Speed Clamp

New, nos, Aircraft Self-Locking Speed Clamp. P/N A3122-16-1J or NAS397-16 or 0916897 or 0916897-2 or..


A4-25, Aircraft Dzus Fastener, Turnlock Fastener, Stud

Nos, Aircraft Dzus Fastener, Turnlock Fastener, Stud. P/N A4-25. Alternate P/Ns 1201-425-Z3C, 910041..