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114552, 11455-2, Wulfsberg VLF Omega Internal Loop Antenna

VLF / Omega Navigation System Internal Loop Antenna. Manufactured by Global - Wulfsberg Systems. P/N..


150-0028, RT-17 / RT-16, Wulfsberg Flitefone 40 Service Manual

Wulfsberg Flitefone 40 Installation & Service Manual. P/N 150-0028. It covers RT-16 UHF Semi-Duplex..


150-0034-000, RT-15 /16B / 19, Wulfsberg Flitefone 40 Manual

Wulfsberg Flitefone 40, Mod 1 series Installation / Operation Manual. P/N 1150-0034-000. It covers ..


150-0102-000, RT-450, Wulfsberg Flexcomm FM Transceiver Manual

Wulfsberg RT-450 Aircraft UHF Flexcomm FM Transceiver Maintenance Manual with Parts List. P/N 150-0..


400-0033, 4000033, Flitefone III Type RT-18 Receiver w Serv tag

Flitefone III Receiver w/ Serv tag. Manufactured by Wulfsberg Electronics. Type RT-18. P/N 400-0033..


AT-461, 121-0011-000, Wulfsberg Aircraft Flitefone Antenna

Wulfsberg Aircraft Flitefone Antenna. Model AT-461. P/N 121-0011-000. Dorne & Margolin Model DMC57-..


C-120 Wulfsberg Flitefone 40 Cockpit Control Unit

Wulfsberg Flitefone 40 Cockpit Control Unit. Model C-120. Very clean item. Condition, as removed...


NEW!! Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Cockpit Control Panel, 400-0117-004

NEW!! Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Cockpit Control Panel. Model C-118B. P/N 400-0117-004...


NEW!! Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Telephone, WH-5, 400-0116-002

NEW!! Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Telephone / Handset Cabin Control Unit. Model WH-5(-HF). P/N 400-0116-00..


S56-1016-1, 121-0007, WulfsBerg Electronics AT-460A Antenna

WulfsBerg Electronics AT-460A Antenna as shown on photos. P/N S56-1016-1 or 121-0007. It was re..


Wulfsberg C-5000 Communications Controller Operator Checklist

Wulfsberg C-5000 Aircraft Communications Management Controller Operator Checklist. It is used, in g..


Wulfsberg Flitefone III, IV, V, VI Operating Instruction Manual

Wulfsberg Flitefone III, IV, V & VI Operating Instruction Manual & Directory. It covers basic operat..


Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Cockpit Control Panel, 400-0117-005

Wulfsberg FLITEFONE V Cockpit Control Panel. Model C-118B. P/N 400-0117-005. Very clean item. Remov..


Wulfsberg Flitefone VI Operator Manual

Wulfsberg Flitefone VI Operator's Manual, revision E with Voice Privacy. It is in very good conditio..


Wulfsberg WH-18 FLITEFONE III Telephone w tag, 400-0030-1

Wulfsberg FLITEFONE III Aircraft Cabin Telephone Receiver w/ serviceable tag. Model WH-18. P/N 400-0..