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10062-1-B, 350-312-3, Radio Magnetic Compass Transmitter

Remote Radio Magnetic Indicating Compass Transmitter. Manufactured by Pioneer. P/N 10062-1-B or 350..


15300-1F-2-02, Type M-3, Aircraft Autopilot Turn & Bank Indicator

3 1/8" Autopilot Turn & Bank Indicator / Control Rate Gyro. Manufactured by Pioneer. P/N 15300-1..


1636-GA-A1,, Pioneer Aircraft Vertical Speed Indicator

3 1/8" Vertical Speed Indicator. Manufactured by Pioneer . P/N 1636-GA-A1. Very clean item. Conditio..


31006-A1, 31006A1, Aircraft Mach Airspeed Warning Switch

Mach Airspeed Warning Switch. Manufactured by Pioneer. P/N 31006-A1. 28V. Very clean item. It was re..


AN5825-1,1636-6H-B1, Aircraft Rate of Climb / Vertical Speed Indicator

3 1/8" Aircraft Rate of Climb / Vertical Speed Indicator, vacuum, as shown on photo. Manufactur..


NEW!! Instrument Manifold Pressure Transmitter, 4250-2-B2

NEW!! (NOS) Warbird Instrument Manifold Pressure Transmitter. Manufactured by Bendix / Pioneer. P/N ..


O10102, 010102, Pioneer Aircraft Airspeed Indicator

3 1/8" Airspeed Indicator as shown on photos. Manufactured by Pioneer. P/N O10102 or 01010..


Vintage Warbird Jet Flap Position Indicator, 24100-11J-4-A1

2 1/4" Vintage Warbird Jet Flap Position Indicator. Manufactured by Pioneer. P/N 24100-11J-4-A1. Ve..