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Aircraft Carburetor Air Temperature Indicator, 0202-009

2 1/4" Aircraft Carburetor Air Temperature Indicator. Manufactured by B & D Instruments. P/N 0202-00..


Aircraft Cylinder Temperature Indicator w Serv tag, 147R32B

Aircraft Cylinder Temperature Indicator w/ Serv tag, (1967). Manufactured by Lewis Engineering Co. P..


Aircraft Frequency Meter Indicator, 8AW60F2AA1

2" Aircraft Frequency Meter Indicator. Manufactured by General Electric. P/N 8AW60F2AA1 or 3883033. ..


Aircraft Fuel Quantity Cluster Gauge Indicator, 5702-300

Aircraft Fuel Quantity Cluster Gauge Indicator. P/N 5702-300. Removed from a salvage aircraft. One o..


Aircraft Instrument Avionics Mounting Ring, 64319

Aircraft Instrument / Avionics Mounting Ring. P/N 64319. It measures 1 1/2" by 1". It is in good con..


Aircraft Instrument Post Light

Aircraft Instrument Post Light. P/N unknown. It can be used with 14V or 28V aircraft electrical syst..


Aircraft Instrument Sender, M-4006-4-P1

Aircraft Instrument Sender. P/N M-4006-4-P1. Manufactured by Hobbs. Removed from a salvage aircraft...


Aircraft NEW!! Grimes Instrument Eyebrow Lights, B-4754

NEW!! 2 1/4" Grimes Instrument Eyebrow Lights Ring. P/N B-4754. 28V...


Aircraft Oxygen System Pressure Indicator, 30696-1

2 1/4" Aircraft Oxygen System Pressure Indicator. Manufactured by U.S. Gauge. P/N 30696-1. Very clea..


Aircraft Oxygen Tank Cylinder Pressure Indicator

Oxygen Tank Cylinder Pressure Indicator for high pressure aircraft oxygen system PLUS Valve. Condit..


Aircraft Prop De-Icer Amps Indicator, FS-40A

2 1/4" Prop De-Icer Amps Indicator. Model FS-40A. Very clean item.Removed from salvage aircraft...


Aircraft Pyrometer Indicator, S220

2" Aircraft Pyrometer Indicator. Manufactured by Hewitt. P/N S220. Very clean item. Condition, as re..


Aircraft Westach Coolant Temperature Indicator, 2A9-5

2 1/4" Coolant Temperature Indicator. Manufactured by Westach / Westberg. P/N 2A9-5. Very clean item..


Aircraft, Helicopter Windshield Outside Air temperature Indicatr

Aircraft / Helicopter Windshield Outside Air temperature Indicator. Manufactured by Rueger. Removed ..


Airdata Digital Aircraft ADF Indicator, Model 450

Airdata Digital Aircraft ADF Indicator. P/N Model 450. Very clean indicator. Removed from a salvage ..