Flight Instruments

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Cessna, Piper, AIM Directional Gyro Indicator for parts, 200-5

3 1/8" Directional Gyro Indicator for parts. Manufactured by Aviation Instruments Mfg Corp. P/N 200-..


Cessna, Piper, Beech, Vertical Speed Indicator, 1636-GA-A1

3 1/8" Vertical Speed Indicator. Manufactured by Pioneer . P/N 1636-GA-A1. Very clean item. Conditio..


Cessna, Piper, Kollsman Vertical Speed Indicator

Cessna, Piper, Vertical Speed Indicator. Manufactured By Kollsman. Very clean item. Removed from sal..


IU306-002, IU306, Edo-Aire Aircraft Encoding Altimeter

Edo-Aire Aircraft Encoding Altimeter. Model IU306. P/N IU306-002. It was removed from a salvage air..


Kollsman Vertical Speed Indicator, 055-27775, 22-D9449-1

3 1/8" Kollsman Vertical Speed Indicator. P/N 055-27775 or 22-D9449-1. Very clean item. Condition, a..


New Aircraft Magnetic Compass Glare Shield Mount Case / Housing

New / nos, Aircraft Magnetic Compass Glare Shield Mount Case / Housing. It fits the standard 2 1/4"..


Rate of Climb Vertical Speed Indicator, F07165-10-055-27575

3 1/8" Kollsman Rate of Climb / Vertical Speed Indicator. P/N F07165-10-055-27575. Very clean indica..


RD-350C, 2594624-902, HSI / Horizontal Situation Indicator

Aircraft HSI / Horizontal Situation Indicator. Manufacturd by Honeywell. Model RD-350C. P/N 2594624..


S1392-N2, 22-993-02-1A, Cessna Aircraft Vertical Speed Indicator

Cessna Aircraft Vertical Speed Indicator. P/N S1392-N2 or 22-993-02-1A. Alternate P/Ns 7000-C92N2, ..


SLZ9211, Aircraft Inertial-Lead Vertical Speed Indicator, IVSI

3 1/8" Aircraft Inertial-Lead Vertical Speed Indicator / IVSI. Manufactured by Specialties, Inc. Typ..


Type M-3 Autopilot Turn and Bank Indicator, 15300-1F-2-02

3 1/8" Autopilot Turn & Bank Indicator / Control Rate Gyro. Manufactured by Pioneer. P/N 15300-1F-2-..


VSI-80A, 622-4782-007, Collins Vertical Speed Indicator

Collins Vertical Speed Indicator. Model VSI-80A. P/N 622-4782-007. Unit was removed for avionics up..


WL254AS-MS2,, Beechcraft Airspeed Indicator w/ 8130

3 1/8" Beechcraft Aispeed Indicator w/ 8130. Manufactured by Smiths Industries. P/N WL254AS-MS2. ..