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868749-1, 2840-00-190-0988, Garrett TPE331 Fuel Nozzle Shroud

Nos Garrett TPE331 Fuel Nozzle Shroud. P/N 868749-1. NSN: 2840-00-190-0988...


868752-1, 10-375645-3, Garrett TPE331 Fuel Control Nozzle

New / nos Garrett TPE331 Fuel Control Nozzle. P/N 868752-1 or 10-375645-3 or 27710-31. NSN: 2915-00..


868892-2, 5330-00-826-7176, Garrett TPE331 Gasket / Curvic Seal

Nos Garrett TPE331 Gasket / Curvic Seal. P/N 868892-2. NSN: 5330-00-826-7176...


896064-1, 5340-01-566-0915, Garrett TPE331 Seal Plug

Nos Garrett TPE331 Seal Plug. P/N 896064-1. NSN: 5340-01-566-0915...


Aircraft Pressure Ratio Transducer PLUS, LG14011

Aircraft Pressure Ratio Transducer with mounting tray and associated plumbing lines. Manufactured by..


C6M, 2588282-657, Aircraft Radio Magnetic Compass Indicator

Aircraft Radio Magnetic Compass Indicator / Gyrosyn. Manufactured by Honeywell. Model C6M. P/N 2588..


CG417A2, 071-1037-12, Aero Commander H-14 Flight Controller

Aero Commander H-14 Autopilot Flight Controller. Manufactured by Honeywell. Model CG417A2. P/N 071-1..


Honeywell Fuel Totalizer with Overhaul tag, RG14G2

Honeywell Fuel Totalizer w/ Overhaul tag (foreign). P/N RG14G2...


Honeywell Lasernav II Nav Management System Pilot Manual

NEW / nos, Honeywell Lasernav II Nav Management System Pilot's Manual...


J67021A22, J67021, WWII Warbird Aircraft Fuel Quantity Indicator

3 1/8" WWII Warbird Fuel Quantity Indicator. Manufactured by Honeywell. P/N J67021A22. It shows ver..


New Honeywell Attitude Header Memory Module, 26006926-102

New Honeywell Attitude Header Memory Module. P/N 26006926-102...


RD-350C, 2594624-902, HSI / Horizontal Situation Indicator

Aircraft HSI / Horizontal Situation Indicator. Manufacturd by Honeywell. Model RD-350C. P/N 2594624..