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1730000-2, MAC118, Bendix Aircraft Encoding Altimeter Indicator

3 1/8" Bendix Encoding Altimeter Indicator as shown on photos. 14V. Type MAC118. P/N 1730000-2...


2037857-0501, 2037857, Bendix RTA-42A Synthesizer w Ovhl tag

Bendix RTA-42A Frequency Synthesizer w/ Overhaul tag (1994). P/N 2037857-0501...


204A, 1U06601, Vintage Bendix Marker Beacon Receiver

Vintage Bendix Aircraft Marker Beacon Receiver. Model 204A. P/N  1U06601. It was removed from a..


206-075-716-1, 3809395-1, Bell Helicopter / Bendix Avionics Glideslope Indicator

Bell 206 Helicopter / Bendix Avionics Glideslope Indicator. P/N 3809395-1. Bell P/N 206-07..


25B12-1, 25B12-1A, Bendix Aircraft DC Generator Control Panel

Bendix Aircraft DC Generator Control Panel as shown on photos. P/N 25B12-1 or 25B12-1A. Alternate P/..


30220-8, New Bendix Aircraft BNC Antenna Connector

New, nos, Bendix Aircraft BNC Antenna Connector. P/N 30220-8. ..


31006-A1, 31006A1, Aircraft Mach Airspeed Warning Switch

Mach Airspeed Warning Switch with "as removed certification tag" with removal details. Manufactured ..


34106C4C11-3A2, Aircraft Electric Tachometer Indicator

2" Aircraft Electric Tachometer Indicator. Manufactured by Bendix Corp. P/N 34106C4C11-3A2. It was r..


3571251-9212, 56513-005, Piper Aircraft Torque Indicator w/ serv tag

Piper Aircraft Torque Indicator w/ serviceable tag, (11/95). Manufactured by Bendix. P/N 357125..


3601478-0001, New Bendix Aircraft Spacer

New, nos, Bendix Aircraft Spacer. P/N 3601478-0001...


36126-1AF-25A1, Radio Magnetic Compass Indicator w Srv tag

3 1/8" Radio Magnetic Compass Indicator with serviceable tag. P/N 36126-1AF-25A1. ..


4000292-8510, Bendix ST-816D Autopilot Trim Servo for parts

Bendix ST-816D Autopilot Trim Servo for parts. P/N 4000292-8510. It is sold for parts only. Sold as ..


4000338-8503, Bendix Aircraft Autopilot Yaw Amplifier

Bendix Autopilot Yaw Amplifier. Type 5537D. P/N 4000338-8503. It was removed from a salvage aircraft..


4000403-4301, 40004034301, Bendix King PS-243A Power Supply

Bendix / king Power Supply. Model PS-243A. P/N 4000403-4301. Very clean item. Removed from salvage ..


4000764-3201, IN-132A, Bendix / King Weather Radar Display

Bendix / King IN-132A Weather Radar Indicator. P/N 4000764-3201. Visually it checks out ok and all k..