Aircraft Upholstery, Italian Leather!!! Beige color

Aircraft Upholstery, Italian Leather!!! Beige color

Aircraft Upholstery, Italian Leather, one piece approximately 32+ square feet total area, about 4/5 of a complete leather hyde!! The color is Beige. The actual color name is "Lyrebird".

It is a remnant piece from an aircraft upholstery shop, unused piece from a new large business/executive jet that had a custom leather interior installed. Top of the line imported Italian Leather!!

Italian Leather sells as high as $10 per square foot or more for top quality material!! It is offered here for pennies on the dollar. It can be used for seats or on side panels or both. There is probably enough material in the lot for doing the trim or a couple of seats of the average single engine aircraft for someone with a creative design mind that knows their way with the sewing machine but probably not enough to do the entire interior. Or you can use this material in combination with any of the other leather material available on our website

For a cheaper alternative to leather please be sure to check our Naugahyde , Fabric as well as all other Aircraft Upholstery Material currently available. We will be listings 100s of leather, naugahyde, fabric and other Aircraft Upholstery material lots on our website in the weeks and months to follow so please be sure to check back frequenlty.

Please note: The measurements of the material above, (if included), reflect the total area of material per piece and does not necessarily mean that all material will be usable for your application. For example: a piece of 9 square feet total area does not necessarily mean that the piece is a perfect square 3' by 3'. The shape of the piece can be anything from a square or rectangular piece to a very very irregular shape piece and anything and everything in between. Please keep in mind also that cow hydes are natural material and as such they are very irregular shapes and each and every one hyde differs from the next one and no two are alike and there may be slight color and/or texture variation in the same lot purchased! Also the same applies to same color lots sold in our websie, in other words, even if several lots are the same color and color name, there may be some color and/or texture variation between lots or even in the same lot. The measurements of the material are approximate and material will have to be cut and sewn to your design/application specifications and not all material may be usable because of your design requirements and/or the sizes of the material in the lot purchased.

Please also note that the color of material shown on the photo may differ some from actual color of material because of your computer monitor color settings. Leather, as all natural materials, can have flaws and texture variations and as such one hyde from the next may differ ever so slightly in color at times. That is viewed by most as part of the natural beauty and characteristics of leather. For perfect texture and color variation man-made Naugahyde would be the alternative to natural leather.
Unless otherwise stated above or if material compliance sticker shows on photo, NO certification is provided with the material. When detailed sizes of the material are included, all material is checked at least twice before packaging to verify number and size of pieces included in lot in order to eliminate errors. Material sold as is with no returns accepted.

All leather lots will be shipped with a 2 to 3 day delay from the time we receive your payment because they are stored at a different facility due to the size of the lots and the large number of lots that are currently available for sale.
Small samples (a couple square inches each) are available for $5 for up to 5 colors. For more than 5 samples please add $1 for each additional sample. (Amount paid for samples will be credited toward purchase of leather).2150


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