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0900-0800-00, TLC 100, Terra Avionics Loran

Terra Avionics TLC 100 Loran. P/N 0900-0800-00. 12V. Very clean item. It comes with mounting tr..


430-0128-012, Apollo II Morrow 604, Aircraft Loran

Apollo II Morrow 604 Loran, (file photo). P/N 430-0128-012. It was removed for avionics upgrade. ..


430-0166-007, Morrow 604, Aircraft Avionics Apollo II Loran PLUS

Aircraft Avionics, Apollo II Morrow 604 Loran PLUS install tray and connector. P/N 430-0166-007. Fly..


453-0089, ARNAV R-40, ARNAV Aircraft Loran with Serviceable tag

ARNAV Aircraft Loran with Serviceable tag. Model ARNAV R-40. P/N 453-0089. File photo, tra..


805D0500, LR651, Foster Airdata Aircraft Loran Receiver

Foster Airdata LR651 Aircraft Loran Receiver. P/N 805D0500. Removed for avionics upgr..


ARNAV R-40, 453-0089, ARNAV Aircraft Loran with Mounting Tray

ARNAV Aircraft Loran with Mounting Tray as shown on photos. Model ARNAV R-40. P/N 453-0089..


LR651, 805D0500, Foster Avionics Loran Receiver

Foster Avionics LR651 Loran Receiver. P/N 805D0500. It was removed for panel upgrade. ..