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New Cessna / ARC R-346A ADF Faceplate

New / nos Cessna 400 series / ARC R-346A ADF Faceplate.  ..


PWC-150, 622-2093-001, Collins Avionics 28V to 14V Power Converter

Collins PWC-150 Power Converter. P/N 622-2093-001. NSN: 5826-01-057-3513. The Power Converter consis..


RNAV 511, 805D0200, Foster Area Nav Computer

Foster Area Nav Computer / RNAV. Model RNAV511. P/N 805D0200. It comes with tray. It was removed for..


RNAV511, 805DO200, Foster AirData Aircraft RNAV System

Foster AirData RNAV511 Aircraft RNAV System as shown on photo. It includes: Control Panel P/N ..


RNAV511, 805DO200, Foster AirData Systems Aircraft RNAV

Foster AirData Systems RNAV511 Aircraft RNAV with connector, (file photo). P/N 805DO200. It was..


SC628P, 6350-00-071-2492, Sonalert Aircraft Landing Gear Warning Horn

Sonalert Aircraft Landing Gear Warning Horn. P/N SC628P. Alternate P/Ns 20021-0001, 0098-LL-TJ2-2630..


SPO-40,, Sigtronics 4 Way Transcom Portable Intercom

Sigtronics 4 Way Transcom Pilot and Copilot Portable Intercom as shown on photo, (one additional jac..


WX-7A, 278D02, Ryan Aircraft Stormscope Display Indicator

Ryan WX-7A Stormscope Display. P/N 278D02. Very clean item. It was removed for avionics upgrade. ..