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7277-5-1, S2899L1.0, Klixon 1A Aircraft Circuit Breaker

1A Slim Klixon Aircraft Circuit Breaker. P/N 7277-5-1 or S2899L1.0. NSN: 5925-01-292-1096. It was re..


8144K21A1-P50, 63413-00, Aircraft Rocker Switch

Aircraft Rocker Switch, ON / OFF, with two terminal. Manufactured by Cutler-Hammer. P/N 81..


9910126-3, B00296-3, Cessna Aircraft Lamar Voltage Regulator

Cessna Aircraft Lamar Voltage Regulator. P/N B-00296-3 or B00296-3. Cessna P/N  9910126-3. 28V,..


A-8985-16, A8985-16, / Grimes Aircraft Tail Light  /  Dome Light

New / nos Grimes Aircraft Tail Light  /  Dome Light as shown on photo. P/N A-8985-16 ..


A428D, 02-0350057-00, Whelen Aircraft Wing Tip Position Light Lens

New / nos Whelen Aircraft Wing Tip Position Light Lens and Retainer as sjhown on photo. P/N A428D or..


AN2552-3A, MS3506-1, Cessna External Power / APU Receptacle

Cessna Aircraft External Power / APU Receptacle. P/N MS3506-1 or AN2552-3A. Alternate P/Ns MS-3..


BD-16, Elcon BD-16, Aircraft Battery Connector Plug

Aircraft Battery Connector Plug as shown on photos. Manufacrured by Elcon. P/N BD-16. It was removed..


E33, E-33, Aircraft Gear Door Squat Switch

Aircraft Gear Door Squat Switch. Manufactured by Cherry Electric Corp. P/N E33 or E-33. It is u..


FS-4400, FS4400, Flight-Strobe 14V Aircraft Anti-Collision Light

New / nos, Flight-Strobe 14V Aircraft Anti-Collision Strobe Light as shown on photos. P/N ..


GE-1665, GE1665, Nos Aircraft Navigation Lamp / Bulb

New/ nos, Aircraft Navigation Incandescent Lamp / Bulb. Manufactured by General Electric. P/N GE-166..


GE-327, GE327, Aircraft Instrument Eyebrow Indicator Light Lamp

New / nos Aircraft Instrument Eyebrow Light / Push-to-Test Indicator Light 28V Miniature Lamp. P/N G..


GE327, GE-327, Aircraft Instrument Indicator Light Bulb / Lamp

Aircraft Instrument Eyebrow Light / Push-to-Test Indicator Light 28V Miniature Light Bulb / Lamp. P/..


MS24166-D1, 7064-4853, 50A Leach Aircraft Relay

50A Aircraft Leach Relay. P/N 7064-4853 or MS24166-D1. 28V, 50A. NSN: 5945-01-206-0799. Removed..


MS24171D1, 6041H215, 200A / 28V Cutler-Hammer Aircraft Relay

28V / 200A Aircraft Cutler-Hammer Relay. P/N 6041H215 or MS24171D1.  Alternate P/Ns MS-24171D1,..


MS25041-1, 01-91180-1, Aircraft Push-to-Test Indicator Light

Aircraft Push-to-Test Indicator Light, clear lens with light amber ring, as shown on photo, P/N..