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AD-9, AD9, Aircraft Glideslope and Navigation Antenna Splitter

Antenna Development Aircraft Navigation & Glideslope Antenna Splitter. P/N AD-9. One NAV antenna..


AM100A-2, 4021688-901, New Aircraft Radio Altimeter Antenna Out Of Stock

AM100A-2, 4021688-901, New Aircraft Radio Altimeter Antenna

NEW / nos Radio Altimeter Antenna. Manufactured by Aero Mechanism Inc. P/N AM100A-2. ..


ANA-51A, 2067636-0701, Aircraft Radio Altimeter Antenna

Aircraft Radio Altimeter Antenna w/ serviceable tag, (05/02). Manufactured by Bendix. Model AM1..


AV-22, RAMI AV-22, Aircraft Transponder Antenna

RAMI Aircraft Transponder Antenna. P/N AV-22 or  RAMI AV-22. It was removed from a salvage airc..


AV-547, AV547, Aircraft Nav Antenna Diplexer Coupler

New / nos Aircraft Nav Antenna Diplexer Coupler, (Splits the signal from a single NAV antenna into t..


BYLZ2418, 719599-008, Aircraft Variable Rheostat

Aircraft Variable wire wound Rheostat. P/N BYLZ2418 or 719599-008. Alternate P/Ns 7195998, 7195..


DMN4-17-4, DM N4-17-4, VOR/LOC/ GlideSlope Antenna Coupler

New, nos, DM N4-17 VOR/LOC/ GlideSlope Antenna Dual Output Coupler. P/N DM N4-17-4. ..


DMNI50-2-1, DMNI 50-2-1, New Dorne & Margolin L Band DME / Transponder Antenna

New / nos Dorne & Margolin L Band, (960 to 1,220 MHz range, 4 hole mount, C connector), DME / Tr..


S56-1016-1, 121-0007, WulfsBerg Electronics AT-460A Antenna

WulfsBerg Electronics AT-460A Antenna as shown on photos. P/N S56-1016-1 or 121-0007. It was re..


S65-8280-47,, Sensor Systems Aircraft Dual VHF / GPS Antenna

Aircraft Dual VHF / GPS Antenna. Manufactured by Sensor Systems. P/N S65-8280-47. It was removed fro..


VT10-50,, Aircraft VOR / Glideslope Navigation Antenna

Aircraft VOR / Glideslope Navigation Antenna, (set, tail mount). P/N VT10-50. It was removed from a ..